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About Altar (Englısh)


Believing that the depth of Turkish cultural, social and military history was not reflected in a way it deserves in the world of modelling, modeller and researcher Abdullah Turhal established company named Altar in 2005.

Based in Ankara Turkey, Altar began its research into Turkish and Ottoman history and tried to turn history something that can be touched, felt and reenacted by ordinary people. Despite its modest resources, Altar quickly stood out and became a company of delivering “firsts” compatible with its ambitions and plans.

Founder of Altar, Abdullah Turhal’s, story of establishing this company to produce miniature figures is actually a similar story seen throughout the world in the history of modelling. Impressed with the beauty of these little miniature figures from the early days of his childhood, Turhal wanted to produce figures himself by picking them out of the long forgotten past and present to the living people today. By background, he is a political scientist and international relations & security expert. His career developed in a major British energy company for years working as senior political and security advisor and strategic risk manager. Later, as seen in other samples of miniature figure company owners, he shifted his career path entirely to use all his resources on modelling rather than other dealings. He is one of those who was so impressed by the miniature world to quit the path he was trained to walk along and was expected to build the career along that line.

In its full name, “Altar: Military History Studies, Models, Miniature Figures & Wargames” now works in full capacity to promote modelling in Turkey and use quality models to help develop a consciousness of history while trying to fill the gap about Turkey related products in the world of modelling. Altar’s activities are based on three main pillars and all work develop and run on these three pillars: Books, Miniatures, Wargames.

The first pillar, books and articles, is an integral part of modelling as a whole and research in Altar is presented to public as web articles, magazine articles and books. Altar’s book on introduction to modelling is one of the pioneers of such a book in Turkish language, available to Turkish modellers with colour pictures, tips and necessary first information to enable them to have tools to begin this hobby. Other original research, usually based on Turkish history turned into successful titles in the last decade. In 2011 book on long forgotten Ottoman cavalry unit delis and the book on the battle of Ankara in 1402 achieved success and received good criticisms. The first ever translation of H. G. Wells’ 1913 masterpiece Little Wars received a similar enthusiastic welcome from Turkish readers. Turhal’s articles are printed in Turkey’s most selling history journal as well and all contribute enormously to the promotion of modelling, miniature figures and wargames. New titles are going to be released on different subjects the time ahead.

 Second pillar, the miniature figure production, is of utmost importance. In 2006, with the release of Turkish commando in 54mm scale, Altar became the first Turkish company to produce model figures in world standards. Number of unique figures in Altar line is now 13 and another one is going to be added shortly. Alongside these miniature figures a 1/72 tank model is scheduled to be released soon. For each project a small team is formed dealing with historical research, sculpting, moulding, box art painting and all other necessary remaining formalities. Altar tries to utilise worldly renowned artists and get services from institutions and commission works for this end. Finished items are boxed and released from Ankara to entire world. Altar figures are in 54mm and 25mmscales and are presented in either white metal or resin with its full information leaflets and proper boxes.

 Finally, third pillar is wargames. and this is where Altar stands out once again with its forthcoming original set of wargame rules putting Ottoman Empire in focus and give Turkish population a notion of wargame and chance to re-enact the battles of the Ottoman Empire. The aim is to present simple, fast playing set of rules without sacrificing from the historical reality dimension of Ottoman battles mainly between 14 and 17 centuries.. Currently work on "fine-tuning" the rules, numerical values that makes our figures to move on tabletop is underway and the wargame rulebook would be released in the period ahead. This had to be postponed significantly due to other books and other general developments.


The word Altar means an elevated place or a raised structure on which gifts or sacrifices to a god are made. The idea behind Altar is to reflect this purpose, in a way to build and create works worthy of sharing with other enthusiastic modellers & friends and provide a forum for getting valuable feedbacks from modellers scattered around the world. Altar aims to promote modelling in Turkey and work to develop projects to bring into life characters from vast Turkish social and military history.

Altar work hard to realize many projects and there are many projects lined up to be realized. For those, who are familiar with the depth of Turkish military history, one would certainly appreciate the magnitude of work to be done and characters waiting to be recalled from history... And the struggle is to achieve all these carefully and patiently with modest resources. Altar’s motto is Repraesenta Vitam, Tuum proprium Mundum aedifica which literally means reflect life, build a world of your own. This is how Altar see modelling as a whole and believe the world of modelling is creative, safe and peaceful.




Altar Turkish Commando figure

54mm Turkish Commando - first figure produced by a Turkish company (2006)


Altar Ottoman Deli figure

54mm Ottoman Deli Cavalry


Altar figure Ataturk

54mm Ataturk


Altar figure Hittite War God

54mm Hittite War God


Altar figure Mete Han

54mm Mete Han: Emper of Huns


Altar figure Demon

25mm Demon


Altar figure Ottoman Woman

25mm Osmanlı woman


Altar figure Gok Tonga

25mm Gök Tonga


Altar figure Timur

25mm Timur


Altar figure Bayezid

25mm Ottoman Sultan Bayezid the Thunderbolt


Altar figure Mehmed the Conqueror

25mm Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror


Altar figure Suleyman the Magnificient

25mm Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent


Altar figure Barbarossa

25mm Grand Admiral Barbarossa


 Altar figure fictional woman warrior

25mm fictional woman warrior (to be released)



Altar figure T-26B model tankAltar figure T-26B model tank

1/72 scale T-26B tank used by the Turkish army (to be released)


BOOKS by Abdullah Turhal:

Maket Dünyasına İlk Adım (Altar, 2005) [First Step into the World of Modelling – 2005]

Gök Tonga (Altar, 2009)

Osmanlı’nın muhteşem süvarileri: Deliler (Doğan Kitap, 2011).[Delis: Daredevils of the Mighty Ottoman Empire- 2011]

Küçük Savaşlar, H. G. Wells (çeviri) (Altar, 2011) [Little Wars- 2011]

Ankara 1402 (Altar, 2011) [Ankara 1402: Battle of Ankara- 2011]


ARTICLES by Abdullah Turhal:

"Osmanlı'nın kanatlı süvarileri: Deliler" (Delis: Winged Cavalry of the Ottomans)

Atlas Tarih Dergisi (Atlas History Magazine)

April 2012


"Ankara Savaşı" (Battle of Ankara)

Atlas Tarih Dergisi (Atlas History Magazine)

June 2012


"Kurşun Askerler" (Toy Soldiers, War games and history)

Atlas Tarih Dergisi (Atlas History Magazine)

December 2012


"Ataturk and H. G. Wells"

HG Wells Society Newsletter



"Almanlar tankı önce hasat makinası sandı" (Article on the centenary of tank in battlefield)

Atlas Tarih Dergisi (Atlas History Magazine)

June 2016


Various articles in Oyun Dergisi (on modelling for school children)

March, April, May, June, July, August, September  2016