10th Anniversary of ALTAR

3 March 2015

2015 marks important anniversaries of several major events in military history. On a personal level, this year marks the 10th anniversary of Altar. Altar: Military History Studies, Models, Figures & Wargames, was founded in 2005 to promote modelling in Turkey and to increase Turkish military history related research and model production believing the depth of Turkish military, social and cultural history was not reflected in the world of modelling as it deserved. During its ten years, Altar became the first Turkish company releasing miniature figures at world standards. So far, 13 miniatures were released and one is waiting to be released. Later this year a model of a tank will be released. Five books were printed all of which were the first examples of the topics they covered. Countless articles were written, TV and radio appearances, conferences were made, very large exhibitions were organised during this decade. An attractive store was given to the benefit of people where they can meet with this hobby, understand military history, find items for their research and see world class miniature works. This year also marks the 5th year of this store. Over the past decade, Altar literally touched the lives of thousands of people with the aim of promoting modelling, understanding history on more robust basis.

As with every business establishment decisions are needed to be made. In moving forward Altar will close the store by April 1, 2015. From that date on all business will be carried out through Altar web store, Gittigidiyor (ebay) and ‘Open Days’ and exhibitions whose dates and venues will be announced as time comes. This move is necessary to carry out further research and increase production. Given the current economic difficulties of the country which is expected to get worse in the coming period, Altar has to make most of its resources and the choice will be in favour of more research and production. I wanted to share this decision with all of you and I hope to keep Altar as a more productive company which would endure several more decades.

Best Regards,
Abdullah Turhal
Founder of ALTAR

"Love & War: The Magnificent Ottomans" exhibition by ALTAR & CEPA will take place in CEPA shopping centre between November 1-15. CEPA is one of the biggest malls in Ankara, one that gives support to arts and cultural activities more than any other. Alongside Sultans love letters from state archives, exhibition will reveal a great miniature Ottoman army of Altar, together with all the original antigue prints and books from Altar collection oldest one dating from early 16th century. Abdullah Turhal of Altar is the curator, click on the picture to see more from the exhibition.


5 March 2011: Altar Modelling shop is now open at Tunalı Hilmi Street(read more)

deli figürü

Article on Altar Modelling at Britain's leading collectors magazine "Collectors Gazette" in May 2010 issue.

Interview with Altar Modelling at Turkish daily Aksam newspaper -
15 May 2010.
deli pulu
Ottoman Deli Cavalry stamp, issued to commemorate the first ever 54mm Ottoman figure produced by a Turkish company at world standards.

Stamps for the Ottoman Sultans figures

Battle of Ankara (1402).

Research, site visit notes, pictures & maps

(In English now)

war games illustrated
Review of Altar's 25mm figures at world's leading wargame magazine "Wargames Illustrated"s August 2009 issue.