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5 March 2011: Opening of Altar shop

Altar Modelling is the first and only company in Turkey that releases quality resin and white metal miniature figures at world standards from Turkish history. We design and offer figures for collectors, modellers and wargamers. These are unique Turkish scale miniatures. Our products are 25mm and 54mm. Our shop is located at Tunali street which is traditionally the most prestigious part of Ankara. It is 3 minute walk down from main hotels namely Hilton and Sheraton and very close to residences of all major embassies. We stock high quality products of major foreign producers such as Revell, Tamiya, Italeri and many Russian and Far Eastern producers. We do specialise in Ottoman military history, Ottoman and Turkish wars and political history. All our activities are carefully planned and executed. We publish our works as books and articles and a recent book on Ottoman cavalry has been published by the nations biggest publisher Dogan Egmont. We are the one stop shop for military history enthusiasts, modellers, figure collectors and wargamers.

1 February 2011: Book release: "Delis: Daredevils of the Mighty Ottoman Empire"

Abdullah Turhal's book on Ottoman deli cavalry in in print now. Book covers the fasnicating history of worlds one of the most interesting fighting unit employed in the Ottoman army. Delis were fearsome riders with eagle wings and animal furs and they always came superior to their enemies in battle. They served Ottoman sultan gallantly for centuries until 19th century. The book covers this entire period with original pictures, Ottoman miniatures and European gravures. Book is in Turkish but still a valuable contribution to modellers for the simple reason that it contains huge amount of good quality pictures. Book can be obtained from Turkish D&R bookstore website or alternatively, you may contact Altar Modelling for your inquiries.

10 December 2009: New figure: TIMUR

We would like to share our newest figure we released today: "TIMUR". His name literally meant "Iron" in eastern Chatagai Turkish. Unfortunately, he is improperly known as 'Tamerlane' in the world. Timur, one of the greatest soldiers and statesmen in Turkish and world history was born in 1336 in Hoca Ilgar village near Sehr-i Sebz at Samarkand, Uzbekistan. He managed to unite the disperse Turkish and Mongol tribes in the region and with his superior military talents he achieved major conquests. Timur took a wide geography under his control. Except for China, he conquered entire Asia. From deep into Russia to Mongolia, from India, Caucasus to Iraq, Syria and Anatolia, he dominated all powers in these areas. In 1402, he even managed to defeat mighty Ottomans which was under another great Turkish soldier and statesman, Sultan Bayezid in Ankara. Timur managed to establish a strong army and strong state without getting help from anyone or without inheritance. Great Ataturk was a personal admirer of this great Turkish ruler. We, just like we do for all other great Turkish leaders who spent their lives for the Turkish people throughout our vast history, remember them with great respect. This figure is our 9th and last figure for the year 2009. Even if you know nothing about Timur, please keep at least two points in your minds: he is Turkish and his name is not 'Tamerlane' but TIMUR. Happy New Year to all our friends throughout the world. Be in peace.

3 December 2009: New figure: Hittite Warrior God

We would like to share our newest figure we released today: "Hittite Warrior God". At the Hittite capital Hattusha, now named as Bogazkoy which east of Ankara in Turkey, on the inside of the gate named as King’s Gate in the Upper City, there is a relief of a warrior which was made around 14th century B. C. At first, this long-haired, well-armed figure was thought to be a king. However, since the horns denote a deity in Hittite culture, the figure should be a god as it had horns on its helmet. The relief was taken from its original place in 1907.Today, it is displayed at the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations in Ankara. His left hand is held up in a gesture of adoration. For centuries, Hittite armies leaving the capital for war, passed through this gate and got the blessing of this warrior god protecting the gate of Hattusha. This relief is the best preserved and most treasured masterpiece of Hittite sculpture. As Altar Modelling, we tried to bring into life one of the ancient masterpieces of these lands. Hittites were an integral part of our cultural history. This figure is our first resin figure in 54mm scale.

2 December 2009: New article: Siege of Ankara

In 1402, the deadly confrontation between two great Turkish sovereigns, between Timur and Sultan Bayezid of the Ottoman Empire, became inevitable. Timur entered Anatolia from East and conquered Sivas castle. To prevent rest of Anatolia from more demolition like Sivas in the hands of Timur, Bayezid mobilised the Ottoman army from Bursa to meet Timur. Bayezid wanted Timur’s army, which was almost entirely cavalry to mountainous areas of north of Sivas. Great commander Timur realised this intention and moved from south toward west. When Timur reached south of Ankara, he left bulk of his army around those shining lakes i.e. Eymir and Mogan lakes. Timur hoped Bayezid should follow him from this direction and come behind. Meantime, feeling confident that Bayezid would follow him, he took some of his troops to capture Ankara castle slightly north of these lake area. Timurids were not only masters of cavalry warfare in vast plains but were also great siege army. The launched a serious attack on the Castle of Ankara defended by Ottoman troops. This study complements the study we published in August 2009 titled “Battle of Ankara -1402 comprehensive research and field trip”. We followed a similar method in this new study of using some very hard to find sources, pictures, diagrams and current site visit photographs, satellite views. This is second battlefield report by Altar Modelling.

3 November 2009: New figure: Gök Tonga

We would like to share our newest figure we released today: "Gök Tonga". Gök Tonga is the name of the hero who protected the Turkish Qaghanate for thousands of years from the threats posed from the unreal world. He carries a deadly hammer in his hand, a sword in his belt and a large shield decorated with eagle feathers. This amazing hero, Gök Tonga, is blessed by the celestial god, a sacred legacy to Turkish Qaghans from their glorious ancestors. Do not miss the chance to travel in vast Turkish history with Gök Tonga, see events through his eyes and hear what he has to say. You will hear many untold stories from him and will be amazed with what he would present to you. We do hope, you will like this figure and the character with whom, we are sure, you have not met before.

9 October 2009: New article: Execution by a hook

Like all other states in history, Ottomans too, were not hesitant to use violence for certain aims. There were different forms of violence used in order to reach certain political and military targets. The methods used would span from simply cutting the head to throwing into deep seas with stones tied to one’s feet and to strangling. And there were some other methods which were considered worse and more brutal than those listed as these methods would not grant instant death to the victim and cause unbearable pain. One such method is implement while the other most terrible method was the execution by a hook.

1 October 2009: New article: Timur in a cage

Nowadays, an interesting exhibition takes place in the Armada shopping center in Ankara. Visitors can see real life wax statutes of many historical characters being displayed. Among these 48 statutes, the one belonging to the great Turkish conqueror Timur (or as better known as Tamerlane in Europe) is the most striking one for us for one reason. You can read why that is so in this new article.

9 September 2009: New article, Palanka: An Ottoman fortification

As the Ottoman advance that began in the 14th century continued gradually into Europe, the wide border area had been in constant conflict. As well as major field battles, majority of clashes were in the form of castle sieges and defences. Ottomans followed a rather different way in this difficult longstanding conflict. Rather than building new, modern stone castles in the large geography spanning in an arch from Adriatic to Black Sea, Ottomans built low cost wooden fortifications. Low-cost, easy to erect wooden forts were built instantly at every critical location, passage and route in this wide arch. Such forts, which are called palanka, became a cornerstone of Ottoman border defence.

3 September 2009: Email problem

For the last 20 days, we have been experiencing problems with our emails. We were unable to receive any emails within this period. The problem is fixed and we apologise for the inconvinience this might have caused. We would like to ask you to resend your messages if possible that you have sent in the last 20 days. As the problem is fixed, you may reach us using our web site's contact form or by sending an email to address. Please resend any email you expect to get an answer and your orders from our products.

28 August 2009: New study on the Battle of Ankara 1402

A new study, "Battle of Ankara -1402: Research on the battle and notes from the field trip performed for the examination of the battlefield today", has been added and you can find it in the articles section of our website. On the 607th anniversary of this major battle that took place north of Ankara, we visited the site and conducted research in the entire region. In this study, we would like to share our research and our notes and impressions we achieved during our tour of the site. The study is full of maps, diagrams and helpful material for wargamers who would like to bring this great battle on their tabletop. We hope you would enjoy study about one of the greatest battles of history, the deadly confrontation between two mighty Turkish rulers, Bayezid and Timur. Around 250 thousand combatants took place in this major battle together with 32 war elephants.

24 August 2009: New article on Ottoman raiders

A new article, "Ottoman raiders: The logic behind raids of Ottoman forces (Akincis and Delis) deep into Central Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries and their use in modern wargaming scenarios", has been added and you can find it in the articles section of our website. The famous and fearsome raids of the Ottoman light cavalry units in the Balkans and Central European lands extending even to Germany, in the 15th and 16th centuries were not acts, solely motivated, by looting or plundering. Although taking large bounties, slaves and plundering were part of these raids, the main idea behind establishment of such units were different and were compatible with the bigger Ottoman military strategy towards expansion into European lands. The aim of this article is to explore the main idea behind a raid and to explore real place of these light cavalry troops namely Akincis and Delis within the huge Ottoman military system and see their use in modern wargaming scenarios, particularly in WAB system.

20 July 2009: Release of Ottoman Lady figure

Ottoman Court painter Levni (1680-1732) is one of the last representatives of classical Ottoman miniature art. Ottoman lady in pink in reclining position resting on her head miniature is an impressive work of Levni. Original miniature is in 17x9.5cm size and located at Istanbul Topkapı Palace Museum. We hope you like the 25mm resin figure of this lady which we released today.

1 July 2009: Release of Demon figure

Topkapı Palace Museum is the home of many pictures believed to have been made in 14th century in Central Asia by a master named Muhammad Siyah Qalam (literally meaning black pen). In these mysterious works, humans and demons are portrayed in their daily lives. These paintings are unique and very important items in Turkish cultural history. Yet, they are not very well known not only to foreigners but to Turks as well. Using the marvelous painting from this collection, we produced 25mm resin figure of Demon spealing in admonishment. We hope you like this very interesting and second to none figure from a realm we have absolutely no information.

18 June 2009: Release of Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent figure

“On God’s orders Sultan Selim passed away. New sultan, Süleyman Khan sat on the throne” Those solaks (elite Janissaries protecting Sultan, his close bodyguards) who heard these words began crying. Great Ottoman historian Celalzade Mustafa, nicknamed Koca Nişancı, who witnessed these events in those years, noted the rise of Suleyman I, the one of mightiest rulers in Ottoman and world history, to the Ottoman throne in 1520 with these words. We would like to share this carefully produced figure of this powerful character who ruled between 1520 and 1566. As of 18 June 2009, we announce our release of 25mm Sultan Suleyman “the Magnificent” figure.

29 May 2009: Release of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror figure

556 years ago, Ottoman armies led by young Sultan Mehmed II, accomplished great dream of their ancestors and conquered the invincible city of Istanbul (then called Constantinople) in 1453. On the 556th anniversary of this great event that changed the course of history, on 29 May 2009, as Altar Modelling we proudly announce our new 25mm figure of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed “the Conqueror”. Modellers and wargamers worldwide now have the chance to use real Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II to lead their massive Ottoman army on tabletop in their scenarios about Conquest of Istanbul, wars in Balkans and against Moldovan prince Stephan Cel Mare (Stephan the Great), Vlad Tepes of Wallachia (Vlad III) and Hunyadi Janos and Matthias Corvinus of Kingdom of Hungary, as Mehmed the Conqueror fought against these mighty opponents.

10 May 2009: Release of first 25mm figure, Sultan Bayezid the Thunderbolt

2009 marks the anniversary of a very important event in Ottoman history. 620 years ago, in 1389, one of the mightiest and most important sultans of the Ottoman dynasty, Bayezid I, ascended to the Ottoman throne. This limited number figure have been released in May 2009, on the 620th anniversary of Sultan Bayezid ascending to the Ottoman throne. This figure is the first 25mm scale, wargame figure ever produced by a Turkish company at world modelling standards with a theme from vast Turkish political, military, social and cultural history. Modellers and wargamers worldwide now have the chance to use real Ottoman Sultans to lead their massive Ottoman armies on tabletop.

23 April 2009:Release of our third 54mm figure, Marshal Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Today, on the Anniversary of foundation of the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 23 April 2009, we announce our release of 54mm figure of Turkey's founding father Marshal Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.It was a very hard task to produce a figure of the founding father of our country. In Turkey, unfortunately, almost 99% of Ataturk statutes scattered throughout the country, are poorly made, not even resembling to Ataturk himself. Therefore, we felt ourselves under great pressure to produce a model figure in world standards, worthy of our great leader. In this difficult task, we were lucky to have extremely talented Hungarian sculptor Uhrin Zsolt on our side. He produced with great care, a true masterpiece. For the box art and for our catalogues, again we sought to get the best possible painter and we contacted the master painter of Andrea Minisatures of Spain, Julio Cabos. He kindly did his best to deliver best possible result. This figure is the first ever figure of Ataturk produced at world standards by a Turkish company.

24 March 2009: Our new look

We upgraded our web site with many changes and new features added for your convinience. All our 54mm and 25mm figure projects are going well and all on track. We will soon release our 3rd 54mm figure. All of our projects will be unique and will be first of their kind in Turkey. We never had the illusion to gain enourmous financial gains for our activites, especially under these globaşly difficult circumstances. All we need to hear is some sincere feedback, well thought and well put. Greetings to you all from the creative, safe and peaceful world of modelling.