Altar Modelling

The word Altar means an elevated place or a raised structure on which gifts or sacrifices to a god are made. The idea behind Altar Modeling is to reflect this purpose, in a way to build and create works worthy of sharing with other enthusiastic modelers & friends and provide a forum for getting valuable feedbacks from modellers scattered around the world. Altar aims to promote modelling in Turkey and work to develop projects to bring into life characters from vast Turkish social and military history.

Our models are outcome of extensive historical research from original sources. We work with freelance talents, great artists for us, who help us realise our dream of bringing into life major characters from our history, which we are greatly proud of. Altar Modelling has the honour of becoming the first ever Turkish company to produce a world standard white metal figure with its commando figure in November 2006.

We work and fight on many fronts and have many projects lined up to be realised. For those, who are familiar with the depth of Turkish military history, you certainly appreciate the magnitude of work to be done and characters waiting to be recalled from history... And we struggle to achieve all these carefully with our modest resources, without aiming to make a fortune out of this overnight.

Our motto is Repraesenta Vitam, Tuum proprium Mundum aedifica which literally means reflect life, build a world of your own. This is how we see modelling as a whole and we belive the world of modelling is creative,safe and peaceful .